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Adrian Bonacker


Label: Soundagenten Booking
Künstler/Act: Adrian Bonacker


Biographie / biography

Englisch / English
Adrian Bonacker startet DJing with vinyl and turntables when he reached the age of 18. First gig he played at "Heiniken Thirst DJ Contest" 2004 in the club "Palo Palo" Hanover. A little later he became resident DJ at "Liquid Lounge" Hanover and played there for 5 years, especially he throw the Party on mondays called "Monday Club"

Adrian became a member of "Soundagenten Booking" and played on the Events "Cone 5" at the special Location Phaeno Wolfsburg, also for the internet radio and "Hannover Tanzt" directly in the shopping mall Ernst-August-Galerie, last one reached nearly 5000 guests.

Since 2011 he is mostly seen with Paule Wortkarg. Together they are called PEAK BASS and play regularly at "Kiez Club" at Steintor Hannover.

Veröffentlichungen / releases (Auszug / extract)

Zusammenarbeit & Veröffentlichungen bei Labels / cooperation & releases at labels
Soundagenten Booking



Label: Soundagenten Booking
Künstler/Act: Adrian Bonacker
Heimat / homeland
Hannover (Deutschland / Germany)
Referenzen national / references national (Auszug / extract)
Ernst-August-Galerie (Hannover), Springsounds (Wolfsburg), Cone5 (Wolfsburg), Kiez Klub (Hannover)

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